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13th Street Apartments
621 E. 13th Street

Bartlesville, OK 74006

21-Unit Community

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13th Street 


Offering Highlights:


21 Units priced at $36,429 per unit

Property exhibits great pride of ownership through family owned operations and management

Bartlesville is a great community with a population exceeding 36,000 and is a short 50 minutes north of Tulsa. The Median Household Income in Bartlesville is $50,418 and the Average Household Income exceeds $73,000. The benefits of being in a tertiary market like Bartlesville offer an exceptional quality of life, quality education, and being centrally located to major regional markets. More importantly, there are few competing properties in the market, making this an excellent long-term investment with upside potential.

Offered individually or as a package with the following properties for a total of 67-units:

13th Street Apartments - 621 E. 13th Street - 21 units built in 1983

Katherine Apartments - 108 NE Katherine - 24 units built in 1978

Sandalwood Apartments - 707 S. Chickasaw - 22 units built in 1976




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